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We’re a network of people pledging to share a portion of our income with those who might need it more. When we combine our generosity and divide it equally, we’ve got ourselves a system that’s fair and sensible.
How Does it Work?
This video will give you the basic idea...
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Pay it forward... or backward... or sideways.
With just a few clicks, you can connect a fraction of your finances directly to the greater good, allowing good vibes and good fortune to reverberate in all directions. No matter what your money situation is like, you can be part of a community where zero income is a thing of the past.
For those with low income, any amount of extra money can aid in the pursuit of opportunity and keep things from turning desperate.
For freelancers and gig-workers, reliable weekly income can ease the complications of sporadic cash-flow.
For those with more income, Comingle lets you help others, sends you a little extra cash on slow weeks, and provides a safety-net if things take a turn for the worse.
Strength in Numbers
Whether you’re affected directly or indirectly, massive income inequality is taking a toll on everyone. By working together to share some resources, we can fight against it, right here and now.
Math is our friend
Comingle runs on two simple rules:
  1. We all pledge 7% of our income.
  2. We all get back the amount of the average contribution.
Once these two rules are applied, and your pledges are offset by your share of the community payout, you'll end up giving money on weeks when your income is higher than the average member’s, and getting money when it's lower, with amounts in proportion to income.

Not only is this elegant from a mathematical perspective, it also happens to be a very convenient way to make our world a nicer place.
We can do this ourselves. Right now.
No government programs. No politicians. No interest rates.
Just people helping each other in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
Ready to help?
We all get to see the big picture
No one knows who's giving how much money, and your personal details are nowhere to be found, but by pooling our anonymous financial data in one place, we can all get a better picture of where our piece of the economy stands at any given moment—allowing us to smooth out the peaks and valleys of an unpredictable economy.
Preview your impact before you commit
When you first connect your bank to Comingle, you’ll be able look back at the last 24 weeks of activity to see how a membership would have impacted your income. You're welcome to preview as long as you like, until you're fully comfortable with how Comingle might affect your circumstances.
Robust data security provides the foundation we need
If we want financial security, we first need data security. That's why Comingle is built using bank-grade TLS protocols and 256-bit encryption to ensure all information is thoroughly protected every step of the way.

The income data Comingle requires is provided though a secure connection to your financial institution that's authenticated by you using your online banking credentials. Comingle never sees or stores these credentials and any data requests are made using cryptographically hashed headers and timestamps to verify their authenticity.  

The Comingle databases are kept safe using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure online data storage and hosting service trusted by Intuit, FINRA, NASA and the Department of Defense.

The data we manage is used only for the purpose of coordinating a guaranteed basic income for Comingle users and providing them with insights about the impact of their undertaking.
Supercharged Giving
Comingle makes it possible for individuals, corporations and philanthropic institutions to boost the weekly payout through direct contributions.

97% of contributions go directly 
to individuals

Grants can be targeted by geographic region down to the zip code.

Funds can be disbursed incrementally over time or based on member count.

Just Give
If you’d like to support the Comingle community fund without signing up for automatic income-
based pledges, you can make a one-time or recurring donation of any size. Never before has there been a more efficient way for your generosity to reach so many people at once.
I'm Interested
As the calls for universal basic income continue to build, we need a platform that can help make it real for people in the here and now... Comingle stands to be that platform.
Scott Santens
Comingle Advisor

UBI Advocate
We're stronger when we work together.
So is our money.
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